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Reclaim Your Confidence

Before & After

Slide the bar in each photo to examine how natural and fuller the "after" hair looks!

  • Before Image of a Middle Aged Man with Curly Black Hair that has thin hair in the Frontal and Mid-Scalp Regions After Image of the Middle Aged Man with Fuller Hair
  • Before Image of a Middle Aged Women with a Middle Part Who Has Thin Black Hair Where Her Hair Parts After Image of the Middle Aged Women with Fuller Hair where her Hair Parts
  • Before Image of an Older Male With Straight Thin Gray Hair Around the Top of his Head After Image of the Older Male with Fuller Hair Around the Top of his Head

Free Sample

Free Sample

Get Caboki small size, $5.95 value for FREE. This limited-time offer is for new customers only.

BEWARE: Caboki does NOT work on completely bald scalp (i.e. no hair left).

However, to millions of its customers, Caboki is nothing short of a miracle.

Caboki makes your thinning hair look at least 10X fuller, thus eliminating the appearance of baldness and hair loss, instantly.

The result is so natural, no one can tell you are using Caboki.

Most importantly, our customers reported that they achieved a higher level of self-confidence!

Get a sample and see for yourself, risk free!

How big is this sample?

It can be used for about 10-15 days, depending on the size of your thinning area.

What is the cost?

Sample is free, just pay the shipping and handling for $3.99 (three dollars and 99 cents, U.S. residents only).

What's the catch? Will I be charged for an order later?

None. No. No sneaky contracts, no tricksy fine print, no shenanigans and no BS. If you don't like our products, you will never hear from us again, ever!

Policy (strictly enforced):

Limit one free sample per household. Those who violate this policy repeatedly will be banned.

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What is your hair color?

Click on a photo that best matches your hair color.