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Hair coverage tips below with a FREE product offer at the end.


Step 1:  Start with completely dry and clean hair, style your hair first before application. It is best to avoid using heavy styling products such as gel, wax, and heavy sprays.

Step 2:  Use the applicator from the product base, dab the powder onto any thinning spots or any areas that need coverage. Start light and only use just enough to build up the coverage to cover thinning areas or gray hair or grown out roots.

For hairline, apply product along the part from the back towards the front. Stop about 1/4-inch before the hairline. Do not apply in front of the hairline.

Step 3:  The hair should not look powdery or cakey, which is a sign you have applied too much product. Lightly comb/brush through the hair to ensure Caboki blends and thickens your hair and to evenly distribute the powder for a natural finish.

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